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Ethics at Hodgepodge Toys
The concept of this toy store is to be an all inclusive toy store which facilitates to babies, children, teens and adults.
Inclusive also in catering to the needs of children with special needs, so parents feel comfortable shopping with their child/children in a one stop shopping experience.


At Hodgepodge, the focus is on trying to carry sustainable, battery free and ecologically friendly product lines. Tech toys that utilize built in Lithium ion batteries, with charging capabilities via USB’s are the only battery featured toys at Hodgepodge. The store concept is to carry high quality, fun and educational toys that allow our community as a whole to discover the incredible alternative options available in toys.

I have tried to find companies that take pride in their products and their brand.
Globalization is a beautiful thing, however the poorly regulated outsourcing of manufacturing is concerning.
Labour practices for majority of the things we all possess is hard to regulate, however I figured that I could start with the little things that bring our children so much pleasure.
Without taking myself too seriously I have tried to be very specific in the product lines I carry at the store. Most products are made in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Korea and Japan. I’m trying to be conscientious of companies that outsource to either be registered with ICTI (International Council of Toy industries) if using a subsidiary company or own their own factory in the outsourced country. I’m trying to become a more informed consumer and retailer and thereby trying to ensure fair and humane labor practices.
It is very hard to stick to this ideal, and in the tech world almost impossible. It’s not perfect or even close to it, however I’m trying to make a small change and learning everyday. Giving back to the global community through Fair Trade or local community programs is very important. A lot of the product lines carried at Hodgepodge give back in their own way.

Everyday I’m learning more and in turn relaying it to my children.
This is my experiment in trying to offer my community choices. You might not find all the ‘popular’ toy brands at Hodgepodge, but what you will find are alternatives which will hopefully start you on your own fun adventure and discovery of Sustainable, Responsible, Evergreen Fun.